Why I RV for Culinary Inspiration

with Wild Chef Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover cheersing a group of friends before eating the meal she made

Sarah Glover picking out local produce at a farm stand

Why is it so important to cook and eat local food?

I grew up in Tasmania, which is a small island off the coast of Australia, and my forefathers were all farmers so I’ve always grown up with an appreciation for cultivating and growing your own food. And while everyone might not have the ability to have a farm or grow their own food, I think it’s important to recognize that food is culture. The soil, the terrain, the climate, the water, even how something is grown and the techniques used—all of these things affect food. And having this understanding gives you a greater appreciation and greater respect for what you’re eating and what had to happen in order to make it to your plate.

Sarah glover preparing a large meal over an open fire with a class b camper van in the background

Why do you like outdoor cooking?

There’s something really refreshing about cooking in the outdoors—things just seem to taste better. I love cooking over an open fire because not only is it a powerful heat source, but you also get different flavor profiles from the wood that you use and even the ground that you’re cooking on. Whether you have big flames or hot coals, it totally changes the dynamic of whatever it is that you’re cooking. It elevates it.

Sarah Glover placing lobster to cook over an open fire

What are some things to be aware of when cooking outdoors and cooking with fire?

All throughout my childhood and even my time in culinary school, fire safety was a top priority. Regardless if you’re cooking over a gas flame or an open fire, you have to be aware of your surroundings and educate yourself. For example, if you’re in an area where the fire risk is high and the fire brigade has deemed it unsafe, you honor that and you pivot your cooking. A big part of what I do as a professional outdoor chef is educate people about cooking safety, especially fire safety. It’s okay to have a fire, you just need to do it within the limits of what you’re comfortable with, what the current laws are and what is most respectful for the land.

Sarah Glover preparing a meal out of the side of a class B Camper Van by the ocean

What are the benefits of cooking in an RV?

Cooking in an RV is so great because you have a refrigerator to store your items, a sink to clean and prep, and space to keep all of your cooking items, utensils and tools. There is peace of mind in knowing that I have everything I need with me. If I’m on the road and I catch something or find something new that I want to cook, I’ve got all of the equipment to prepare it. I’ve got my essentials: something to cook on, a fridge to keep it in, and wheels to move to a beautiful place to eat and enjoy it. Being mobile also gives me a lot of inspiration to try new dishes. Having an RV opens me up to new places, people and experiences, all of which impact what and how I cook.

Sarah Glover driving a Class B Camper van through the California mountains

How do you build community on the road?

I think it’s important to just have a conversation with the people that you meet. Even if it’s the cashier at the grocery store or the person stocking the fruits and vegetables, asking someone a simple question can open up a whole new world. I truly believe that people want an opportunity to be kind, helpful and giving. Being unafraid to ask questions, opening myself up and genuinely receiving other people’s input, that’s how I build community on the road.  

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