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Deciding to leap into the RV lifestyle opens a life of freedom and exploration. Our choice of the 30 ft Flying Cloud Bunk model Airstream travel trailer as our home on wheels has been a cornerstone of our lifestyle, shaping the adventures we’ve experienced over the last five years. I’ll share some of the considerations we weighed when shopping for our RV and why our Airstream has been the perfect fit for us. 

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Why Size Matters

Choosing the right size RV was crucial for us. It was essential to have all the comforts and conveniences for extended travel, and while larger RVs can offer more interior space, they can also limit where you can go. Our Airstream’s length means we’ve rarely ever had to pass up a narrow mountain road or a secluded campsite, and it has been our ticket to places less traveled.

The Build and Design 

It’s no secret that Airstream’s iconic design and sturdy build are not just for show. We have towed our Airstream almost 70,000 miles, and on our journey to Alaska, we navigated some of the rougher roads we’ve ever encountered. From the famous Alcan to the less traveled 135-mile gravel stretch through the Denali wilderness along the Denali highway. It handled each mile better than expected, a testament to the quality and resilience that Airstreams are known for. This journey wasn’t just a trip; it was a chapter in our lives, and our Airstream played a leading role. 

The kitchen inside Karen Blue's Airstream Flying Cloud.


The Community 

“Hey, I like your Airstream”. It’s a greeting we have heard hundreds of times, often followed by a conversation about the RV travel lifestyle and a subsequent campfire invitation. Those random meetings have connected us with lifelong friends whom we have caravaned thousands of miles and shared many stories under starlit skies. Also, not listed on the sales brochure, is the immediate community that Airstream ownership provides through rallies coordinated by the Airstream Club International.  

Towable vs. Drivable

Our desire for versatility, convenience, and a specific adventure style influenced our choice of a towable travel trailer over a drivable RV. We choose to venture far off the beaten path, and having a rugged, four-wheel-drive vehicle that can detach from the trailer provides unparalleled ease for exploration. Our truck doubles as a mobile garage, hauling our larger adventure gear. Once we've established our campsite, we can use the truck to explore and run errands, eliminating the need to stow everything securely inside an RV each time we move. 
Karen Blue's Airstream boondocking out in the mountains

A Space for Everyone 

Our choice of the Flying Cloud Bunk was deeply influenced by our desire for our daughter to have her own space. With two bedrooms she has a dedicated area she can call her own, without the nightly hassle of converting dining areas into a makeshift bedroom. It has also given us extra space for the occasional sleepovers with friends. This two-room floorplan has brought a sense of stability and comfort to our travels, making the Airstream feel even more like home. 

The bedroom inside Karen Blue's Airstream Flying Cloud.


Views in Every Direction 

 One of my favorite features of the Airstream is the bright and open feeling the seventeen windows and sunroof provide. These windows have framed some of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable and bring nature inside our living space. Waking up to views of the sun highlighting the Tetons, witnessing the grandeur of the Grand Canyon from our doorstep, and falling asleep to the sound of waves on secluded beaches. It’s like having property in several locations with million-dollar views. 


Keeping Our Adventures Organized 

You might think it would be difficult to fit everything needed for three people for an extended time on the road, but the clever storage solutions in the Airstream have been a game-changer, allowing us to carry our lives with us without the chaos. Every item has its place, from photography and hiking gear to everything for work and school, ensuring our space remains a sanctuary of calm and creativity. 


Simplified Bathroom 

The bathroom in the Flying Cloud bunk model has an all-in-one design that we find to be the perfect setup. Not only do we have a full shower, but the porcelain macerator toilet adds another level of upgraded design. The singular bathroom simplifies our daily routines and really maximizes the living space. It’s a small detail that reflects the Airstream’s thoughtful design. 

The bathroom inside Karen Blue's Airstream Flying Cloud.

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The RV Right For Our Lifestyle

Choosing the Airstream was not just about selecting an RV; it was about choosing a way of life. Our Airstream has been more than a vehicle; it’s been a home, a gateway to adventure, and a lifestyle of freedom to go everywhere and stay anywhere. It’s been our companion on journeys to the wilds of Alaska, and the iconic landscapes across North America. If you’re pondering the RV life, think about what matters most to you—the destinations you dream of, the experiences you crave, and the people you want to share them with. 

THOR’s RV finder is a great resource to help you narrow it down further by lifestyle, attributes and brand. RV options are vast and there is an option out there that is right for you. For us, the Airstream has been the perfect companion on this journey, and perhaps, it could be for you too. 

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