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KZ Durango Gold RV Tour

Bibi and JC Barringer

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Hi, We're The Barringers!

Yo RV peeps! Come on in, and let me show you around our KZ Durango Gold 382MBQ! This ain't your average RV, folks. This fifth wheel is a four-season model, 43 feet long, and ready to conquer any adventure we throw its way. And get this – it has a back patio!  That's right, it’s like having an extra room for the RV. This beauty lets you spread out and enjoy the great outdoors in style. 

The Exterior

Before we step inside, let's check out the exterior.  This RV has massive pass-through storage underneath-perfect for stashing all our camping and hiking gear. 

No more Tetris matches trying to shove everything in – we've got dedicated space for all our outdoor items, plus the Ninja Foodi! 

Bibi and JC Barringer's KZ Durango Gold parked at a campsite on a crisp morning.

The Living Room Area

Alright, time to head inside! Come right in and you're in our hallway with a high-tech touchscreen control panel, the command center for our entire RV.  One tap levels the RV, another checks on the batteries, and a third one retracts two of our three awnings which comes in handy on rainy or windy days.  

From there, we enter the main part of the fifth wheel: the large rear living room. Storage? We got it. Overhead cabinets provide ample space for all our extras and homeschool items, and an electric fireplace adds a touch of “cozy” (and if you know me, I’m all about coziness). 

The Kitchen

Now let's talk about the kitchen!  This one is my dream, especially for our family of six.  

The island provides a ridiculous amount of counter space, perfect for baking with the kids. And I also get to cook lunch while keeping an eye on their schoolwork. 

The under-the-island storage is big enough to hold all my essentials for cooking and storing food. The main pantry is behind the door – everything has a designated spot, keeping this kitchen organized, even on travel days. 

Oh, and the fridge! Let me tell you, this isn't your average camping fridge. It may not be residential size, but it's big compared to most RVs. Translation: less grocery shopping for this mama bear! 

The Bedrooms

Off the kitchen, we have the boys' bunk room.  It's their little area, complete with space for all their toys.   

And right above it is our daughter's sleeping loft! This space was a non-negotiable feature for us  Having separate spaces was crucial, giving the kids a place to retreat, decorate, and enjoy some privacy whenever needed. 

Now, let's move up front to the primary bedroom – my own happy place.  It’s also where the washer/dryer combo is located! 

Laundry day is so much easier since everything gets washed, folded and put away in one space. 

The entire front wall of the RV, essentially the nose of the fifth wheel, is our master closet and is dedicated to storing clothes, shoes, and jackets. 

The Bathroom

Alright—one bathroom might sound a little tight for a family of six, but trust me, it's all we need.  My favorite bathroom feature is our spacious shower with all the natural light I could wish for with the skylight. It’s the little things that bring me joy.  

Something I never expected to love was the built-in vacuum cleaner.  This little lifesaver has a hose long enough to reach every corner of the RV, keeping things clean and dust-free. And all I need to store is the hose. 

The bathroom mirror and a plant inside Bibi and JC Barringer's KZ Durango Gold fifth wheel.

The Patio

Now, I know what you might be thinking: "Isn't it cramped traveling with a family of six in an RV?" Honestly? Not at all! The 382MBQ is designed with functionality and space optimization in mind. 

Everything has its designated spot, and the layout promotes a sense of togetherness without feeling claustrophobic. 

With the back patio, we have an extra living space to spread out and enjoy the fresh air.

More Than Features

Now, let's talk about my favorite things about this RV that go beyond the features.  We have tons of wall space, perfect for hanging our favorite instruments, hats, and pictures.  It might seem like a small detail, but these little touches bring a sense of home wherever we roam. 

And speaking of home, that's the true beauty of RVing for me. We have our own private space to relax and recharge wherever we go. 

The 382MBQ isn't “just” an RV, to me it's a symbol of freedom, adventure, and togetherness. I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at our Fifthwheel and how we make it work for our family of 6.

We love being outside, spending time in nature or with friends, and coming back to a place that is “ours” versus a hotel. 

Bibi Barringer

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