Tips For Finding A Unique RV Site

Stacey Power's Airstream parked in a boondocking camping spot overlooking the sunset

RV campsites can be hard to find, especially if they are located in popular locations or require reservations months in advance. If you’re having trouble finding and booking an available campsite, we’re here to help. While they may require a bit more research and planning, these apps and websites are sure to help you find an amazing place to set-up your RV and enjoy incredible views.

  1. Campendium

    If you’re looking to do some primitive camping or try boondocking, then definitely check out Campendium. This app gives a ton of great camping locations in more remote areas of the country, as well as places like state parks, national parks and RV parks. The app shows real photos of each location, advice and directions on how to get there, and details on if the location has cell coverage.

  2. Hipcamp

    Similar to Airbnb, Hipcamp allows you to park your RV and camp on someone’s private property. You can filter by location, date and amenities offered, including power and water hook-ups. Hipcamp is great if you’re looking to stay near a major city or popular destination like a national park. And if you’re looking to do some last minute camping, Hipcamp provides a list of spots that are available to book that same day. 

  3. iOverlander and US Public Lands

    These two apps are for more seasoned RVers and experienced boondockers. Unlike Campendium, the iOverlander and US Public Lands apps are limited on the amount of information that they provide but they are great for finding public or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land to boondock on. The US Public Lands app is especially great for detailing out exactly where BLM land starts and ends.

  4. Additional Resources & Advice

    Google maps is great for getting an overview of where you want to camp and the roads that lead to your campsite. Gaia GPS and Avenza Maps are two other map-based apps that allow you to do some campsite scouting on public lands. There are some limitations across all of these apps, so I recommend doing some scouting on your own to make sure that the roads are accessible and the campsites are actually open. If you have a drone, put it up in the air and fly over the area you’re looking to camp on.

If you’ve exhausted all of your resources, hopefully these apps and websites will help you find a great, unique campsite. And just remember, you don’t have to stay at an established campground or well-known RV park to have an amazing camping experience!

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