Must-Have Items for Extending Your RV Season

Renee Tilby's Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer being towed by her truck through a snow mountainous landscape

Just because the warm summer months are coming to an end and cooler weather is approaching doesn’t mean you have to wrap up your RV adventures. Extending your RV season brings numerous benefits, such as the thrill of chasing fall colors, the transformation of seasons, enjoying less crowded attractions and campgrounds, and even encountering heightened animal activity and more frequent sightings. If you are interested in cool weather RVing but are concerned that you’ll have to sacrifice comforts and amenities, then these products will help you extend your RV explorations, even as the air chills.

Be sure to monitor weather conditions and consult your RV's manual to ensure your RV is equipped for any conditions you may encounter. 

Renee Tilby's dinette with a blanket, book, and cup of tea inside her Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer

Top 10 Items for Extending Your RV Travel Season

  1. Heated Hoses

    A heated water hose and an insulated sewer hose will keep water flowing into your rig and sewer flowing out of your rig in mild sub-freezing temperatures. Both items are a good idea to have on hand if there is even a chance of ice. Alternatively, if the freezing temperatures you encounter are moderate, you can wrap your existing hoses in heat tape to keep the ice at bay.

  2. Propane Tank Gauges

    These little devices show the level of the propane in your tanks, ensuring that you don’t end up out of propane at two a.m. when it's 20 degrees outside. Being able to monitor fuel supply in cold conditions will keep you safe, warm and prepared.

    The front of Renee Tilby's Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer

  3. Window Film

    Insulated window film can be cut to size to fit the dimensions of your windows. Designed to help reflect the cold out and maintain the heat within, this cost-effective choice is a DIY-friendly solution that anyone can easily implement to enhance your RV's comfort during colder conditions.

  4. Electric heater

    A portable electric heater is great for supplementing your propane heater and also acts as an important backup in case you run out of propane or your heater is otherwise inoperable. Having more than one way of heating your rig is imperative for staying safe while RVing in cold weather. Remember to always plug an eclectic heater directly into an outlet, keep a clear three-foot radius around the heater, and never leave it unattended. Unplug the heater when not in use and do not leave animals or children in an RV with portable electric heaters.   

  5. Dehumidifier

    Heating the inside of your RV while the outside temperatures are cool creates condensation. This unwanted moisture can lead to mold growth, musty odors, and even water damage. Proper ventilation can offset condensation buildup, but keeping a window cracked isn’t always a viable option, and running a dehumidifier can help offset high humidity levels inside your RV.

    Renee Tilby's dehumidifier in her Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer

  6. Roof vent covers

    Roof vent covers allow you to keep your roof vents slightly open for ventilation while preventing cold air, rain, and unwanted pests from infiltrating your RV interior. This simple solution maintains optimal airflow while creating a cozy and protected environment inside your RV.

  7. Portable generators

    Inclement weather can create unpredictable situations. Be prepared for anything by packing a portable generator for your cool-weather RVing. This will allow you to provide power in case of unexpected power outages, keeping you safe and comfortable.  A properly operating generator is just another important piece of equipment to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience.

    Renee Tilby's generator sitting outside her Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer

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