The Best RV Gifts For Any Budget

CHRISTINA AND BEN MCMILLAN sit around a campfire while cheersting

The holidays are right around the corner, and with the rise in popularity of RVing and camping, there’s a good chance you have a special RV owner in your life. We all know that the best gifts are thoughtful, don’t break the bank and are useful for the recipient. So, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the perfect gift for any RV owner, at any budget.

Budget-Friendly Gifts

 $4.00 - $25.00
Candles and Thermacell

1. Citronella Candles

You can always find citronella candles at a campsite—they help deodorize and keep annoying bugs away. These three candles are our favorites and come with some awesome features, including a 25-hour burn time.

Coleman Color Changing LED Candle ($5.00)

A fun way to add some ambience to your campsite! When lit, the entire candle illuminates with alternating colors.

Coleman Crackle Wick Citronella Candle ($4.00)

This compact candle comes with three different scent options: campfire, pine and s’mores. We prefer the pine scent but all of them smell great. You can also buy a pack of all three for $12.00.

Yankee Candle Outdoor Collection ($21.00)

These candles are made with a mix of essential oils and citronella, giving them an incredible smell. They come in a decorative tin container with a wooden lid, so they’re great for withstanding the elements. These candles often go on sale, so when we find them marked at 50 percent off, we like to stock up and have them on-hand to give as gifts. 

2. Tech Gadgets

Even though we love to camp for solitude and nature, we all know that bringing along our favorite devices is inevitable. These gifts are great for any tech-lover or someone that works remotely from their RV.

Portable Charger ($10.00 - $25.00)

About the size of a cell phone, these portable chargers can quickly and easily charge small electronic devices, including phones, tablets and small speakers. Due to their size, they can likely be charged right from your RV’s power bank.

EENOUR Solar Lantern ($20.00)

This lantern is a great alternative to an LED lantern, and can also be used as a flashlight and a power bank to charge small devices. And since it’s powered by sunlight, you never have to worry about batteries. It lasts for 10 hours and collapses down to about two inches, taking up very little space in the RV.

3. Bug Repellants

Nothing can ruin a camping trip quicker than pesky bugs and mosquitos. This is our favorite gift to keep bugs away and fully enjoy evenings outside the RV.

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller Lantern ($25.00)

Thermacell has several great options but this one is ideal for nighttime since it has a built-in lantern. It has a protective zone of 15 feet and is scent free. These lanterns are effective, easy to operate, and changing out the mats and fuel are extremely easy.

4. Personalized Items

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more personal and custom (and totally useful), we’ve found the best gift for RV owners.

Camping Mugs ($5.00 - $20.00)

Every camper needs some camping mugs! Typically made from enamel, these mugs are lightweight, durable and virtually indestructible. And the best part is you can personalize them for your individual RV owner. If your gift recipient loves a certain brand of coffee or whiskey, or is fond of a specific place, get a mug that reflects their interests. If you want to get even more personal, there are several companies that can help you customize a design geared towards RVing and camping.

5. Blankets and Towels

Camping in an RV means spending a lot of time outside. And with that comes fluctuating temperatures and dealing with dirt. These gifts have you covered on both fronts.

Mexican Blankets & Turkish Towels ($20.00)

We love these two items because they are durable and versatile, and they come in a variety of colors. Due to their durability, you can use them for anything from a tablecloth to a seat cover to a picnic blanket. Turkish towels are especially ideal because they’re super thin, really absorbent and come in extra large sizes. You can wash both items on a regular wash cycle, so you never have to worry about keeping them clean.

Moderate Gifts

$40.00 - $70.00
Corelle Dishes

1. Dishware

Having a reliable set of dishware helps reduce waste and is a great way to add some personal touches to your RV. The key with dishware is to keep it small and find ones that are made with quality materials that won’t chip or break easily.

Corelle Dishes ($40.00)

Corelle dishes are ideal for RV owners because they are lightweight, take up less space than most traditional dinnerware and are made from tempered glass that is chip and scratch-resistant. You can buy full sets, including large and small plates, bowls, and cups, for less than $50.00. There are tons of designs and styles to choose from, including some fun, bright colors.

2. Camp Chairs

There’s nothing like coming back to your campsite after a long day of exploring and relaxing by the campfire. Having comfortable, sturdy chairs is a must for any RVer that does a lot of hiking and camping.

 Zero Gravity Camp Chairs ($50.00 - $70.00)

Two of our favorite things to do at a campsite are stargaze and nap, and a good camp chair makes both of these possible and comfortable. Zero gravity chairs are durable, can recline, are easy to clean, and fold-up nicely for convenient transportation and portability.

High-End Gifts

Outland fire pit, zero gravity chairs, mexican blanket


A large part of the camping experience revolves around good food and evening campfires. The next three gift recommendations are the priciest but definite camper favorites. Keep in mind that compact and portable items are important for RVers, so look to find mini or smaller versions of these products. And be sure to watch out for Black Friday deals on these items as the holidays approach!

Blackstone Griddle ($145.00)

The Blackstone Griddle is a flat top grill with even heat distribution for controlled cooking across the entire surface. You can make a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, and pancakes or a full stir fry dinner. The smallest griddle is 17 inches and fits right on your tabletop. The bigger you go, the more expensive they get but the larger options could work for someone who has plenty of space and loves to cook.

Weber Q1200 Gas Grill ($260.00)

This is our must-have grill. And while it’s definitely one of the more expensive items, we think it’s worth every cent. The Q1200 model can sit right on your tabletop, is compact and portable, and has a generous surface area for lots of cooking and grilling. We use it to cook burgers, steaks, corn, potatoes, just about anything! 

Outland Living Standard Fire Pit ($130.00)

Roasting marshmallows and cooking around a campfire can be magical until the smoke starts billowing and follows you around like a shadow. Having to move your chair constantly to avoid the smoke can be a pain. That’s why we recommend gifting a portable, propane fire pit. These are lightweight, smokeless, and save you from having to buy and chop firewood. You can simply turn it on when you’re ready and turn it off when you’re done. No more waiting for the campfire to burn out. The standard size is 19 inches wide and 11 inches high, so it can easily be stored in an RV. Plus, it comes with a 10-foot host to keep your propane tank at a safe distance and out of sight.

Bonus Gifts

The McMillan's RV parked at a vinyard

Memberships & Passes

Here are a few extra gifts for any RV owner that loves to travel or is planning to go full-time. 

Annual National Park Pass ($80.00)

Experiences always make great gifts. And did you know that you can buy a pass that will grant you admission to all national parks and federal recreation lands? Any RV owner will tell you that national parks are always on their must-visit list, and the America the Beautiful Pass makes for an excellent gift. The pass covers up to four adults (children are free), at any park, for an entire year.

Harvest Hosts Membership ($99.00)

There are a lot of different RV memberships out there, but one of our favorites is Harvest Hosts. This is especially ideal for an RVer who travels long distances and may not want to book an RV park or campground for every stop. With hundreds of different locations to choose from all across the country, you can stay overnight at unique places like wineries, breweries, farms, even museums. The host at each location will allow you to park on their property for one night and there are no additional fees.

As with any gift, remember it's always the thought that counts. Although many of these gifts aren't necessities, they are fun, useful items that any RV owner could appreciate and will make their next camping trip even better. 

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