LEAP Program

Learn. Engage. Achieve. Perform
LEAP Program
LEAP program logo, standing for learn, engage, achieve and perform

In 2017, we began partnering with local schools in Indiana to introduce students to different opportunities within the recreational vehicle industry through a program called LEAP.

LEAP is an interactive and innovative program designed to increase the awareness of the RV Industry and provide career pathways for students. The program consists of problem-solving and team bonding activities through the 5th and 8th grade school levels. Local students participate in RV tours, THOR Activity Books, THOR RV Lego builds and THOR RV Design programs.

This past year, THOR’s LEAP program visited 61 schools, reaching 5,470 students across the various communities in which we live and work.

Program Overview

FIFTH GRADE students are introduced to the RV industry and learn about THOR’s role in its community. These students learn leadership skills, tour RV’s and work together to build Lego RV’s.

EIGHTH GRADE students are assigned projects, introduced to lean manufacturing, participate in problem solving activities and receive an initial look into RV-related career pathways.

HIGH SCHOOL students work directly with THOR's subsidiaries to prepare for a career in the RV Industry.

The LEAP program is all about investing in our community’s future. It seeks to generate a genuine interest in and appreciation of our industry, provide tangible job skills, connect students with potential career opportunities and allow them to experience the adventure and fun RVs can bring.

Bob Martin, President/CEO

Would you like your students to experience this great program, if so contact Rick Schutt at rschutt@thorindustries.com or (574) 294-7791.