The Art of Shaping Tomorrow

The Art of Shaping Tomorrow

THOR’s vision of the future is centered on providing an exceptional user experience. Our innovation is focused on creating products which are intuitive, easy to use and meet the next generation’s expectations with sustainability in mind to help ensure natural lands and resources will be available for generations to come.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we’ve created and continue to nurture an innovation ecosystem which includes respected experts within THOR, as well as global-leading innovation partners.  Like bees cross-pollinating a garden, the diverse members of this ecosystem share insights and ideas. Cultivated by collective expertise, these thoughts blossom into new products, enhancements and creative ways to elevate the user experience.   

At the center of this ecosystem are the innovation teams at the THOR family of companies.  Across the globe, teams at our 20+ operating companies are focused on improving products and user experience. In addition, the teams partner with engineers at THOR’s corporate innovation incubators to bring industry-leading innovation to life.

THOR’s corporate innovation incubators include:

  • The Innovation Development Center (IDC)  North American innovation center focused on strategic product development, manufacturing process improvement and data strategy. 
  • Innovation Camp European innovation center led by Erwin Hymer Group (EHG), which connects specialists across the EHG companies to develop creative responses to specific challenges.

Additionally, THOR has partnered with several global-leading organizations with specialized expertise to help develop RV-specific tech applications in areas ranging from vehicle electrification to voice command.

Our ever-growing ecosystem even includes engagement with state and federal government leaders, who oversee many beloved RV destinations across the US. THOR is partnering to help influence the creation of necessary infrastructure to support the biggest innovation on the horizon — the electrified RV.