Whether you’re just getting started or have been RVing for years, you’re bound to have questions.

And we have answers.

  • How do you empty RV holding tanks?
    You should consult your RV manual or manufacturer for detailed information on emptying black water and gray water holding tanks. But we can give you some basic tips:
    • Always empty your tanks at a proper dumping station, which you’ll find at most campgrounds. Dumping anywhere else is unsanitary and often illegal.
    • Empty your holding tanks when they’re at least 2/3 full. You can add water if necessary to make a less full tank easier to empty.
    • Always store hoses, connectors, and other holding tank tools separately from other items.
    • Clean any exposed areas and tools thoroughly before re-entering your RV.
  • How do you winterize an RV?
    It’s recommended to winterize your RV whenever you plan to store it for a season or longer, or whenever you take it out on trips where freezing temperatures are likely.  To store your RV for the season at home, you’ll need to:
    • Drain and clean all holding tanks
    • Drain the water heater tank
    • Winterize your plumbing by adding antifreeze to your pipes
    For a cold-weather camping trip, you’ll need to:
    • Winterize your plumbing and take extra fresh water on your trip
    • Empty your holding tanks more frequently than normal while on your trip
    • Ensure propane tanks are full so you have enough to run the furnace and other appliances
    • Leave a faucet open to drip to help prevent pipes from freezing
    • Maximize sun exposure at camp so your RV stays as warm as possible
    Follow manufacturer instructions for your RV and its appliances, and consult your RV dealer for more information on winterizing.
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