Whether you’re just getting started or have been RVing for years, you’re bound to have questions.

And we have answers.

  • What is a blueboy?
    A blueboy is a portable waste-holding tank. Learn more about blueboys and other interesting RV terms in our Glossary.
  • What is GVWR?
    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum load weight allowed for a vehicle or RV. Learn more about GVWR and other ratings in our Glossary.
  • What does boondocking mean?
    Boondocking is a form of camping in which the RV is not connected to electric, water, or sewer hookups. Learn more about boondocking here.
  • What is an RUV?
    An RUV is a new type of RV that blends some of the elements of motorized RVs with the flexibility of SUVs. Learn more about RUVs here.
  • What are the pros and cons of a towable RV?
    In towable RVs, the entire trailer is dedicated to living space. They can be more affordable than motorized RVs, but they also can be more difficult to drive and maneuver. Read a full list of pros and cons here.
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