Diversity and Inclusion

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A Statement from Our CEO, Bob Martin, on Current Events

As our nation wrestles with a transient challenge in the form of a pandemic, it is being called to face its most enduring challenge:  racial injustice and inequality.  At THOR, we stand with our Black and minority communities and others intent on making meaningful progress as a nation and as a society.  The time for empty talk and promises has long passed. It is time for action designed to drive real and lasting change.  It is time for the idea of racial justice and equality to become our reality.

We embrace the essential nature and value of diversity and inclusion as expressed in our Diversity & Inclusion Policy which you can find on our website. 

But the tragic, unjustified, and unacceptable circumstances that led to the death of George Floyd compel further introspection. We must do more, and we must do better.   To that end, we have created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The committee is empowered with real authority to provide support to appropriate initiatives, enact necessary change, educate and train on matters of diversity and inclusion, drive strategies to recruit diverse talent to our organizations, and accelerate actions necessary to build a stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive culture in our companies.   

Through our marketing, we encourage the world to “Go Everywhere, Stay Anywhere.”  The unfortunate reality is that many in our own country simply do not feel safe or welcome everywhere. This is not acceptable.  Until all feel welcome to Go Everywhere and to Stay Anywhere, we will not rest.  We intend to bring our stakeholders along this journey with us by announcing key initiatives as we move ahead.  Resolved, we will realize our goal of a diverse and inclusive culture at THOR and the communities we touch. In doing so, we hope to join with countless other companies across our nation, large and small, in making the meaningful progress that our nation has long needed.

Together We Can Drive Change,

Bob Martin, President and CEO

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Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

THOR Industries, Inc. recognizes the values and contribution of people with differences in experience, perspectives and capabilities. Diversity encompasses a variety of differences including, but not limited to: age, gender, experience, education, ethnicity, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, lifestyle, responsibilities, etc.

At THOR we are committed to:

  • Inspiring an inclusive culture which embraces individual differences
  • Treating team members fairly and with respect
  • Establishing a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Training team members to be aware of their rights and responsibilities in regards to fair treatment
  • Providing equal opportunities based on ability, performance and potential 

At THOR we recognize the value of recruiting, selecting and promoting team members with different backgrounds, knowledge, experience, etc. THOR engages in efforts to recruit minority, women and other candidates to create diverse applicant pools.

At THOR, we are committed to provide diversity and anti-discrimination/harassment training annually to all of our team members. The purpose of the training is to raise awareness and encourage healthy behavior which supports a work environment free from discrimination and harassment.

In summary, diversity and inclusion are especially important to our culture as we continue to build a winning organization which is focused on strong performance and growth. This starts with an environment that attracts talented people who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and embrace a wide range of views and ideas.

Revised June 5, 2020