Nate & Chelsea Day

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Nate & Chelsea Day

Nate & Chelsea

Nate and Chelsea, along with their four boys, have been traveling in their Highland Ridge Highlander travel trailer since 2018. The Day family loves to boondock, hike, hunt, and kayak, and have seen a ton of national parks and historic sites through their travels. Nate and Chelsea love sharing their RV experiences and encouraging others, making them an ideal fit for the New RVers campaign. They believe that the best way to get a real world experience is to just get out there and try new things.

Fun Facts About Nate & Chelsea

Where is your favorite place to visit in your RV?

Both: We all love the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The fishing is killer, and there are a couple incredible hot springs out there.

What is something that always lifts your spirits?

Chelsea: Whenever I'm feeling down, I go geocaching.

Nate: I like to head out to some BLM land to go long-range shooting with the boys.

What is your favorite national park and why?

Both: Yosemite because we hiked Half Dome and have incredible memories there. Those mountains can’t be beat.

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