Brandy & Matt Gleason

THOR Ambassador Profile
A sun dappled campsite with a hammock hung in front of an RV.
Matt and Brandy Gleason taking a photo at the beach

Brandy & Matt

Brandy and Matt are avid campers and outdoor adventurers. They have been RVing for over 25 years and can’t get enough of the lifestyle. You can find them towing their Heartland Sundance travel trailer all over the country in search of the perfect campsite. Their passion for creating family memories in the outdoors has been a driving force behind why they have a home on wheels. They are excited to be a part of the RV Responsibly campaign because they care deeply about sharing natural treasures with the next generation of adventurers.

Fun Facts About Brandy & Matt

What is your go-to Starbucks order?

Both: Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato with whip.

What is your favorite holiday? Do you have any holiday traditions?

Both: Christmas! We have LOTS of traditions. We get a 14 foot Christmas tree—the family all goes out together to find “the one.” Then we have a decorating party, bake LOTS of cookies and play the RatPack Christmas on Spotify.

What is your favorite national Where is your favorite place to visit in your RV? and why?

Brandy: Michigan, there is so much diversity in that state. Lake Michigan offers sandy beaches, the UP has stellar hiking and views for days, Mackinaw City is a great base camp for getting to the island and sightseeing, and Harwick Pines has an old growth forest which is breathtaking. 

Matt: I love the Outer Banks in North Carolina. 

RV Responsibly

Brandy and Matt are Ambassadors for THOR's RV Responsibly program.

As new RVers join our community, we want to ensure that all RVers—both seasoned and newbies—treat our public and private lands, and each other, with respect. We believe in preserving outdoor destinations so that adventurers of all identities and ages are able to enjoy them for years and years to come.