Michael & Tiffany Dunagan

THOR Ambassador Profile
Michael & Tiffany Dunagan's RV parked at an RV campsite next to a parked car
Michael & Tiffany Dunagan take a selfie at the beach

Michael & Tiffany

Michael and Tiffany were swimming in their pool one day when they decided to sell it all and try out the RV life. After many hours of researching and planning, they bought a Tiffin Allegro Open Road Class A and never looked back. Michael and Tiffany started their RV journey with no experience, and so they feel especially compelled to share their lessons and support the New RVer campaign. They know that RVing is unique to each individual and family, but they hope that their story inspires other people to explore and get out of their comfort zones.

Fun Facts About Michael & Tiffany

What’s your favorite emoji?

Tiffany: 🌴

Michael: It is usually a combination of: 👍😎🌴 but if I had to pick just one then it would be a palm tree 🌴

What is your go-to Starbucks order?

Tiffany: Oatmilk Latte.

Michael: I prefer to brew my own coffee (black, no cream or sugar—just the pure flavor and awesome aroma of coffee).

What is something that always lifts your spirits?

Tiffany: Breathing in the ocean air.

Michael: Awesome music, the ocean, family, friends, and Disney World.

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New RVers

Michael & Tiffany Dunagan are Ambassadors for THOR's New RVers program.

Leveraging the extensive knowledge of our RV community, we will provide helpful tips and resources that cover the complete RV experience, from researching your first RV to the many years of adventure to come.