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The exterior of Bibi & JC Barringer's Durango Gold Fifth Wheel RV

Bibi & JC Barringer family photo

Bibi & JC

We didn't plan to full-time RV. He was born and raised in the south, she in Germany. We met online on a web blog 19 years ago. Our wedding night and the beginning of our marriage started out living full-time in an RV, but we transitioned to a house within a year. When we sold our house in 2018, the plan was to move into our then Class A just long enough to relocate and buy a new home (because we had three young kids at the time).

One month into RVing, we changed our minds and sold the rest of our belongings. We have been full-time RVers since.

In 2020, we added another baby to the Barringer clan, followed by a move from our Class A to the KZ Durango fifth wheel that we are in now. And we couldn't be happier with the direction our lives are taking.

Fun Facts About Bibi & JC

What is something that always lifts your spirits?

Spending time with family and being out in nature, preferably hiking in the mountains (JC) or sitting at the beach (Bibi).

What is your favorite sports team?

Team kids! We have never really started watching sports.

What is your favorite place to visit in your RV?

That's a hard decision, there are so many great places! My all time favorite would be going down Route 101 in California. A scary road, but so very beautiful.

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