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Jason and Alison Takacs

Jason and Alison Tacaks

2024 THOR Ambassadors

Meet the Takacs

Jason and Alison Takacs are both avid astrotourists and hardcore hikers who travel with their two boys Preston and Grayson. They are a family of part-time RVers regularly in search of dark skies and epic landscapes all across the US. With their Jayco Jay Flight 184BS in tow, the Takacs family is on a quest to show the world how to RV responsibly and still have loads of fun.

  • How would you best describe your travel/camping style?

    We are minimalists. We travel light and carry as little as possible when RVing. It allows us to pack quickly and get on the road right after work so we can recharge our mental batteries out in nature.

  • What is something that always lifts your spirits?

    Being out in nature on a hike near an alpine lake or deep in a slot canyon really makes us happy in the day. At night, hanging out under a starry sky by a warm campfire completely lifts our spirits.

  • What is your preferred type of camping (ie RV park, boondocking, state park, etc), and why?

    We stay at state parks and Army Corps of Engineers sites far more than any other type of campsites. Getting close to nature without the crowds is important to us, and both of these options are usually the least crowded and most readily available in Texas.

  • What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve ever given or received on the road?

    Since we are practical people, we prefer practical advice. After having a flat truck tire and a spare that was damaged, we were taught to always carry a tire repair kit for punctures and a portable tire inflator.

  • In a couple of sentences, what is your travel philosophy?

    If you are waiting to RV when you have retired, don’t. Start making memories now since there is so much to see out there. You’ll run out of time to see it all if you wait. Just jump in with both feet!

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Alison & Jason's

Favorite RV Destinations

Add these to your RV bucket list:
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park is where we photographed bison on a foggy and moody morning in Hayden Valley.
Dead Horse Point State Park
Dead Horse Point State Park will always be remembered as the spot where we captured shots of the Comet Neowise.
Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park is simply breathtaking and has incredible hikes.
Bryce National Park
Like Glacier, we love this park for it stunning landscapes and epic hiking.
The San Juan Mountains
The San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado are like a home away from home and where we try to visit once a year coming from Texas.
Alison Takacs using solar glasses with her son

Keep Up With The Takacs' On Social

Website: RWT Adventures

Alison's Instagram: @alison.takacs

 Jason's Instagram: @jason_takacs

 YouTube: RWT Adventures [Roadtrippin' with Takacs]

TikTok: @alisontakacs

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The Takacs family Jayco Jay Flight and a starry night.
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