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Gabe and Rocio Rivero

Gabe and Rocio Rivero

2024 THOR Ambassadors

Meet the Riveros

Gabe and Rocio, along with their two dogs Wilson and Journey, make up the Our Mixed Journey crew. Since 2018 they have driven nearly 100,000 miles in various RVs. The last 3.5 years have been spent crisscrossing the country in their Thor Motor Coach Sequence camper van—affectionately named Vinnie. They are excited to bring you along on all their adventures, as they share their RV tips, tricks, and beautiful places as THOR Ambassadors.

  • How would you best describe your travel/camping style?

    We’re nature lovers who spend the majority of our adventures boondocking in remote areas. We also love to be flexible and move often, as we go to the next adventure.

  • What is something that always lifts your spirits?

    A hike through nature where we can be fully present in that magical moment.

  • What is your preferred type of camping (ie RV park, boondocking, state park, etc), and why?

    Boondocking in BLM or national forests because of the nature and freedom. Staying in National Parks and State Parks is up there too because of the grand scale and utter beauty around us.

  • What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve ever given or received on the road?

    Enjoy the journey, because many times, it can surpass the destination.

  • In a couple of sentences, what is your travel philosophy?

    We always try to be flexible, understanding that things can and will happen that are out of our control. But the beauty of RV travel is that you are in your home on wheels, so comfort and flexibility are always a turn of the key away.

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Gabe & Rocio's

Favorite RV Destinations

Add these to your RV bucket list:
Glacier National Park
Our Favorite National Park is Glacier in Montana because it has everything you could imagine, from wildlife to rugged mountains, glaciers, and everything in between.
Yukon Territory
Canada’s Yukon Territory is a vast, magical place where we saw bears, wolves, moose, and 18,000+ foot mountains and some of the most breathtaking landscapes ever.
Alaska as whole is our favorite destination to date and really an extension of answers a and b. Haines, Alaska is one of the most gorgeous areas we’ve ever seen, and the 150-mile drive through bits of the Yukon, British Columbia, and Haines AK is our favorite drive of all time.
Gabe and Rocio Rivero working on their laptops outside of their 2021 Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20L

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Gabe and Rocio Rivero sitting in front of their RV with a starlink by a mountain camping location
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