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Bibi and JC Barringer

Bibi and JC Barringer

2024 THOR Ambassadors

Meet the Barringers

Five years ago, we started RVing as a family of five. Now, we are a family of six and get to live as extended travelers in our KZ Durango Gold 382mbq. Besides going hiking in nature and exploring local towns with our kids, we love bonding as a family over campfire-cooked meals and relaxing by the lake in the summer. 

  • How would you best describe your travel/camping style?

    We are very relaxed when it comes to our travel/camping style. We enjoy a good day hiking and exploring, but balance it with lazy days by the lake and nights around the campfire. 

  • What is something that always lifts your spirits?

    Being out in nature always uplifts our spirits. Whether it is for a day of hiking, swimming in the lake, or just a walk into the woods in the campground. Being outside lifts everyone’s spirits. 

  • What is your preferred type of camping (ie RV park, boondocking, state park, etc), and why?

    All of them have their benefits for us. We love the campground community and that the kids always have someone to play with, but also really enjoy the solitude and freedom that boondocking and state parks offer. 

  • What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve ever given or received on the road?

    Stick to the rule of threes on travel days. 

  • In a couple of sentences, what is your travel philosophy?

    Slow and steady wins the race. We started RVing out of necessity and continued because we loved the community as well as having all these great amenities like playgrounds, hiking trails, and a pool within walking distance at the campground. But this whole lifestyle has changed the dynamic of our family. We really enjoy slow living and being able to escape the fast-paced world as often as we want to. 

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Bibi & JC's

Favorite RV Destinations

Add these to your RV bucket list:
Lower Cascade Falls
A one-mile hike from the road and you are in a natural habitat to cool off and recharge your batteries.
Hatteras Island
A beautiful destination close to nature and the ocean.
Linville Falls
This area is so relaxing during the summer with the cold springs to cool off in, and so beautiful during fall with the changing leaves.
Route 1 Highways
I love driving down by the Pacific Ocean in CA, with its gorgeous views out to the ocean, especially around Sunset.
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