Pop-Up Campers

They’re compact on the road and much roomier at camp, which makes pop-up campers a great option for those with smaller vehicles.

Typically, pop-up campers (also known as folding campers) feature a metal frame and soft outer shell that folds down for driving and back up for camping. Inside, pop-up campers feature kitchen, dining, and sleeping space. Some models have slide-outs for additional space at camp.

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  • Affordable option compared to other RV types
  • Easy to tow thanks to light weight and low profile
  • Easy to hitch and unhitch from tow vehicle
  • Kitchen, dining and sleeping areas included
  • Can incorporate slide-outs for even more living space
  • Easy to store thanks to compact size and shape


  • Amenities such as restrooms can be limited or not included
  • Most models do not include air conditioning
  • Must return to collapsed form before towing
  • Can require more setup time than other RV types
  • Soft walls offer less protection from the elements
  • Less privacy than other RV types offer

Pop-Up Features

Pop-up campers stay small while on the road, but have plenty of room for the comforts of home once you get to camp.

  • Kitchens feature varying amenities depending on size/style of camper
  • Multiple sleeping options, including bunks and dinettes
  • Slide-outs for extra living space when parked
  • Interior entertainment systems
  • Creative storage and multi-functional spaces


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